The Power of Makeup

I look at makeup as a creative outlet. If I am really stressed out or bored out of my mind, I love playing around with my makeup and trying new looks. To me, makeup is not a mask of my natural beauty, but rather an extension of my personality. I love switching it up and trying new looks. Most days I go for a “natural” look with just foundation, setting powder, blush, and mascara; but when I am feeling really creative and I have some time, I like to test out new looks. However, the one problem that I seem to face more and more over the past years is people asking me (usually in a condescending tone) why I decided to put on a full face of makeup when we’re only going/doing ___________. First of all, I didn’t know that there needed to be a special occasion for me to put on makeup. Second of all, I would like to mention that I am by any means caking my face as if I am going to a movie shoot, but if I was, why does it concern them?

What I don’t understand is why people think that they have the means to judge me for wearing makeup, when I don’t judge them for not wearing makeup. I understand that makeup is not for everyone and that is totally okay, but I believe that nobody has the right to judge somebody’s natural beauty based on the amount of makeup they use.

NikkieTutorials does an amazing series called, “The Power of Makeup” on her YouTube channel. In this series, she does full glam on half of her face and leaves the other half bare and untouched. Throughout the video, she shares her personal connection with makeup, and how she believes that there is no wrong way to do makeup. Nikkie does not put makeup on to impress other people, but rather for her own personal reasons. She emphasizes the importance of loving yourself with and without makeup on.

To me, Nikkie reiterates my exact thoughts on makeup. Makeup should be fun and there shouldn’t be any judgment whether someones wears makeup or not.

The Power of Makeup -NikkieTutorials


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