Sephora Staredown

This weekend I decided to go to Sephora because they are having their VIB sale. Ten percent off of everything in the store? Count me in! Let me just start by saying that I know Sephora like the back of my hand. I can locate every brand from Bobbi Brown to Glam Glow. Let me also say that I went into the store without makeup on… BIG MISTAKE! I was asked every five minutes if I was “finding everything ok”. At first, I thought it was just great customer service and they were being attentive to all customers. Then I noticed that all the other customers were not getting asked if they needed help nearly as much as they were asking me. Guess what… They were all wearing makeup.

Now when you think about this situation it is not all that shocking. If a girl walks into a makeup store and is not wearing makeup you can assume that she is the one that probably needs help. Just as if someone walks into a shoe store and is not wearing shoes, they are probably the ones that need help finding shoes. My problem was not with them assuming that I needed help and I didn’t. My problem was the fact that I clearly knew what I was doing and they assumed that I didn’t because I was not fully glammed to go to the mall.  Being asked one to three times if I need help is good customer service. Being asked twelve times in the thirty minutes I was in the store was a bit much for me. I grabbed my Tatcha Water Cream and Tarte Eyeliner and booked it out the door.

This situation came as a shock me because just a week ago I went to that same location with makeup on and was not ask ONCE if I needed any help. When a customer comes into a store and they repeatedly say they know what they are doing, respect that. If I need help I promise I will ask.



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